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Queen's Award for Voluntary Services

On 2nd June 2012, Inverness Hospital Radio was recognised by being awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary Service. The whole membership were thoughly overawed by this award, but none more than Donnie Aird, co-founder:

“I am as overawed by receiving this as any of you! I know Alistair & I set this up 40 plus years ago, but without the continuing support and enthusiasm of original, past, on-coming and present members the organisation would not be where it is to-day.

I can only express my thanks to all concerned over the years and hope to meet with you all at a meeting to celebrate the receipt of this prestigious award in the near future.

It is comforting to know that Sheila Gardner was informed of the award prior to her death a few days ago and that she was brought to tears on receiving the news.

Thank's again and well done to everyone concerned!

Donnie Aird

(Founder member Inverness Hospital Radio)”

John McGhieDonnie Aird

HBA Awards

John McGhie winner: Best Specialised Music (left)
Dave and Joey nominated for Best Show With Multiple Presenters
Donnie Aird winner: John Whitney Award (right)
Adam Hamilton nominated for Best Newcomer
Liz Nicol nominated for Best Female Presenter
Graham Wilson's Sunday Ceilidh nominated for Best Specialist Programme
Carol Hutchison nominated for Best Female Presenter
Graham Wilson's Sunday Ceilidh awarded Silver for Best Specialist Programme
Alastair McLoughlin awarded Bronze for Best Newcomer
Alastair McLoughlin and Carol Hutchison nominated for Best Programme with Multiple Presenters

HBA Long Service Awards

15 years
Mike Darge (2015)
Margaret Fraser (2015)
David Fraser (2015)
Jamie MacDonald (2015)
Iain MacIntosh (2015)
George MacKenzie (2015)
Kevin McLaughlin (2015)

20 years
Gerald Holdsworth (2015)
Atholl Menzies (2015)
Rob Polson (2015)
David Robertson (2015)

25 years
Pat Ralph (2015)
Philip Walker (2015)

30 years
Linda Brown (2015)
John Brodie (2015)
Terry Henderson (2015)
Duncan Hendry (2015)
Maureen Maxwell (2015)
Graham Wilson (2015)

35 years
Alistair Gardner (2000)
Christine MacKenzie (2015)
Joyce MacKenzie (2015)

40 years
Duncan Fraser (2015)
Vi Murray (2015)

45 years
Donnie Aird (2015)